The Last Man Standing Home Series is about being part of a community with the ability to participate among your fellow athletes regardless of your location. Ultimately, to train, and to have fun on a broad scale. Last Man Standing is all about community and family, and we want to expand this family to not only on the competition floor but also to the comfort of your own home. We aim to bring people closer and create a sense of ‘’togetherness” during these tough times. 

Last Man Standing Home Series gives you the opportunity to train within the comfort of your own home. How will it work? Easy, download the app, register and receive weekly workouts from our Last Man Standing Coaches. The workouts will be structured in such a way that you will be able to make use of everyday items as your training equipment. A time cap and score will be given with each workout. It is up to you to judge yourself and load your time and score onto the app. 

Best of all…. Entries are FREE!!! Winners will be chosen at random for each workout and they will receive awesome goodies and prizes thanks to our Last Man Standing sponsors and partners. 

So, are you stuck at home struggling to keep busy?  Is the idea of being in isolation without any sweating, heart beating, music pumping, lungs burning and weight smashing making you uneasy? 

Have no fear, Last Man Standing Home Series is coming to a device near you!

*To see what our Last Man Standing coaches have planned for you, visit the Last Man Standing App and our social media pages to view the workouts. 

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