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✔️ 3 Scaling Divisions: Beginner / Intermediate / Elite
✔️ 2 Age Subcategories within each division apply: 40-49 / 50 +
✔️ 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each division will be awarded a podium                finish
✔️ 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Acknowledgement in each subcategory

*️⃣ You are a 52-year-old individual male.
*️⃣ You place 15th in the Male Intermediate Division – You do                 not place on the podium
*️⃣ However, in your subcategory of 50+ you place 2nd – You will         receive an acknowledgement of your achievement within this         subcategory (Male Intermediate – 50+)
*️⃣ Conversely, should you place 3rd in the Male Intermediate               Division - You will place 3rd on the podium (Male                               Intermediate) as well as receive a 2nd place                                       acknowledgement of your achievement within your                           subcategory (Male Intermediate – 50+)


✔️ 3 Scaling Divisions: Beginner / Intermediate / Elite
✔️ Format: 2 x Male & 2 x Female
✔️ 1 Subcategory of 40+ will apply (Only for Johannesburg for            now)
✔️ Team members can comprise of individuals of any age                  whom are eligible to compete
✔️ Team members DO NOT have to be from the same Facility
✔️ 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each division will be awarded a podium            finish

*️⃣ You are a 56-year-old female and wish to compete in a                  team with your 17-year-old son, you are eligible to do so.
*️⃣ You are a 56-year-old female and wish to compete in a                  team with your 15-year-old son, he is NOT eligible to do so.

How to enter

Step 1: Make sure you have downloaded the Last Man Standing App

Step 2: Ensure that you have registered your profile (Please see previous post for more details)

Step 3: Select the event you want to compete at (Johannesburg, Durban or Pretoria)

Step 4: Select if you want to compete as an Individual or in a Team

  • Please note only one member can register and pay for the Team (It is a once off payment, NO INDIVIDUAL payments are allowed)

Step 5: Complete the registration form (Fill in the details)

  • For Team entries, you will enter all the team members’ cell phone numbers and they will receive an invitation via SMS to join your team

  • If you do not have a complete team just enter the members that you have and the rest can join at a later stage

Step 6: Click on the button to proceed to payment. Please wait for payment confirmation to show on your screen before refreshing the App, once this shows – Refresh the App and check that you are registered in the correct event and division.

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